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Step one is our free one on one introduction session. Whilst we refer to all of our members as athletes please do not think it is for elite athletes only!


Mums Classes

We run dedicated pre & post-natal classes to support you in training safely (but effectively!) during pregnancy & up to 12 months post-natal


Personal Training

IN2CROSSFIT offers exclusive personal training sessions based out of our Farnham CrossFit gym.


Kids & Teens

CrossFit is now not only for Adults, It’s for Kids & Teens too. Check out our Kids & Teens Program


  • Started at in2 in April ’12 after a couple of injury riddled rugby seasons meant I’d lost any form of fitness I once had (but as a prop forward it wasn’t much). 10 months later, I’m now fitter and stronger than ever and the best bit is there’s not an injury in sight!

    - Jim Ryall
  • My only regret with joining In2 is that I didn’t do it sooner. If you’re someone who spends hours on a treadmill with only your iPod for company, you should know there’s something else out there that is far more effective and a million times more fun.

    - In2CrossFit member
  • Oliver has been attending the youth development classes since their inception.  He goes once a week and loves it! He comes out tired and happy, and it’s really got him excited about being fit and strong.  He even asked for a pull up bar for Christmas.  

    It’s the only class that I see the kids properly break a sweat and come out knackered!  The exercises are based on what I see in grown up crossfit classes but tailored towards kids in an accessible way.  It’s great to see them not sitting in front of a tv or xbox, doing a class that will be a huge benefit to their health and fitness long term.

    Emma Drinkwater
  • The ongoing nutritional discussions are also hugely beneficial, educating the teens on how to follow a healthy lifestyle to compliment their strength development. Sophie has grown in confidence and it's evident that Crossfit has had a huge impact on other areas of her sport eg. netball and swimming.  I would have no hesitation to recommend Crossfit Teen Development to other parents.

    Jo Evans
  • Without a doubt Hattie and Joe's overall fitness and strength has improved. It is the only form of exercise they partake in that leaves them with aching muscles the next day! It has also taught them the value of working hard at something and seeing an improvement as a result. It is also enabling them to form new friendships and benefit from being part of a new active community of people.

    I was a bit concerned about them taking part in a form of exercise that is so physically demanding however I have been amazed at how they have risen to the challenge. The coaches have also been excellent at pitching the exercises to the right level and ensuring the children and are performing movements  in a safe and disciplined way. The coaches ensure the children have a lot of fun despite working hard.

    Hannah Riddler
  • The youth development programme has given him an opportunity to improve his strength, coordination and overall fitness which transfers over to his sports. Before the classes Riley was not able to paddle into his own waves when surfing, after just two terms of classes he can now paddle out into the line up and catch his own waves unassisted, the improved coordination and strength has transferred over to all of his other activities and has improved his self confidence and self esteem.

    The classes are friendly and encourage healthy competition both amongst other participants and with themselves, which often lacks in other activities. The variety of classes ensures that the children do not get bored and are fully engaged. The coaches ensure proper techniques are used when performing exercises and create a safe environment whilst maintaining a fun atmosphere.

    Naomi Springer
  • I started Crossfit at In2 just before Christmas last year and can honestly say it's the best thing I've ever done fitness wise. I go 3-4 times a week and am always looking forward to the next session. The coaches are super friendly and really know their stuff. It's a great box, with a welcoming feel to it and I feel very at home there. Love it. Big time.

    Emma Drinkwater
  • I have been doing Crossfit for a few years now and I have trained in a few boxes. This is by far the best facility and coaching that I have come across. Try it for yourself.

    Grant Pretorius
  • I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much Ollie is loving crossfit, and what a positive impact the weekly sessions are having already.

    Positive role models are so important to teenagers and the team are both knowledgeable and inspiring. Ollie is improving his diet based on their input and is making healthier choices (slightly galling as I've been suggesting this stuff for a long time but I'm not complaining!!).

    Vicky Leitch

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