• Are you a new mum who is struggling to get back into exercise?
  • Worried about doing too much too soon?
  • Concerned about weak abdominals, pelvic floor or sore joints?
  • Struggling to fit exercise in, around life with a newborn?
  • Want to exercise safely with other mums in a friendly environment?
  • Currently pregnant & feeling uncomfortable with your current exercise regime?

At In2 we understand the worries and frustrations of new mums, and have a class specifically for pregnancy all the way to post-natal.

Pregnancy and the post-natal period is an extremely special time, but it can also be a challenging one filled with new demands, changes to your body and a new little person to get to know and look after. Sometimes, we don’t even recognise our body’s after having a baby and this is a big adjustment for any woman, which often, wasn’t fully anticipated.

Firstly, we need to acknowledge that things are different and that we can’t or shouldn’t go straight back to training the way we used to. Secondly, it’s vital that we understand what we should or shouldn’t be doing, and that we’re aware of the types of exercise/training that may increase the risk of injury or exacerbate issues which are already present.

Are these classes suitable for me?

These classes are specifically for those who are pregnant (anywhere up to full term depending on how comfortable you feel –  we can help advise whether to continue training when the time comes!).

For post-natal mums, we take mums as soon as you have had your 6 week GP sign-off. You are welcome to continue the classes up to 12 months, at which point we would recommend that you transition over to our regular CrossFit group classes.

Can I bring baby?

Yes! We have a large open space so designate an area for prams. In addition we have some floor mats & toys to keep them busy.

  • 5 Class Pack
    • Access to all Strong Mums classes (currently one per week)
    • 2 month expiry
    • Works out £10 / class
    • Babies welcome
    • Small classes - limited to 12 per coach
  • 15 Class Pack
    • Access to all Strong Mums classes (currently one per week)
    • 6 month expiry
    • Works out £8 / class
    • Babies welcome
    • Small classes - limited to 12 per coach
Class times

We currently have a weekly class every Friday at 10:45am – 11:45am.


We have a limited amount of parking just outside the gym, however for the Strong Mums classes you can park just across the street at the Albion pub (who have kindly given their permission). Please do not park in Enchanted Wood’s spaces unless you plan to visit their shop as they may ticket you!

“The course challenged my assumptions about using weights and developing strength, for the better. There are parts of my body which are stronger now that before I fell pregnant!” Gail Atkinson

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